Referenze Clienti

Riteniamo importante mantenere relazioni professionali di lunga durata con i nostri clienti.
Indicaci i settori o i servizi al quale sei interessato e dei quali vorresti avere maggiorni informazioni.
Saremo felici di inviarti la lista delle referenze del nostro gruppo.


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Mr. F. S.
Head of Engineering Surveying

Underground Construction

“The Civil Engineering Department is very pleased with the implementation of the project, the professional on-site work and the high data quality. We are convinced that kinematic 3D laser scanning will become even more important in the future and is going to outperform conventional measurement techniques with regard to data collection speed and quality.”

Mobile Mapping

Mrs. M. K.


You are simply great! It worked […]
I already received the 3D topo data. Thank you so much for the prompt delivery!

Architectural Surveys
Engineering Surveys

Mr. S. E.
Geomatics Director


“I would like to thank you for your terrific and reliable performance on the gradual phasing of the underground control networks.
Please give my regards to all employees who contributed to several years of work with a quality that cannot be taken for granted.”

Engineering Surveys
Tunnel Surveys

Mr. M. S.
Head of Engineering Surveying


Thank you so much for the good news—the two networks are a perfect match!

Engineering Surveys
Tunnel Surveys
Mr. R. R.


“Thank you so much! Perfect work that I can build on.”

Architectural Surveys
Engineering Surveys
Mr. J. W.
MSc Eng.
Architectural Site Management

“Your attention to detail and your response time are without equal, and I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for all your excellent work.”

Engineering Surveys
Mrs. E. D & Mr. M. D

“I have taken many classes so far, but rarely did I have the opportunity to participate in a training course that was so well-prepared right down to the last detail. The content was exactly tailored to our 3D imaging needs for accidents and crime scenes. The proverbial “red thread” wove through both days. We will substantially benefit from using what we have learned in the future.
We would like to thank terra vermessungen for the excellent training course.”

Forensics &

Mrs. C. B. Engineers and Designers

“I believe that good cooperation is always mutual. In this respect, I would like to thank you and your team.”

Engineering Surveys
Mrs. M. W. Building Contractor

“I am very pleased with our cooperation.”

Engineering Surveys